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natsu leaves magnolia fanfiction Magnolia a une population de 60 000 habitants et est une ville marchande prospère dans la Magie depuis l’ère antique. Naruto Uzumaki The 7th Hokage 52,970 views. dragon, princess, natsu. Natsu and Happy discuss Natsu's departure from Magnolia. See full list on haikyuu. When he comes back, he expects to see the Fanfiction Natsu was kicked out of the guild because of a rumor about a pink haired mage burning the whole town and killing its people. After she finds out, she leaves the guild. @thenaluarchive Lucy, Nastsu and Happy were at Magnolia Market. 4. . Natsu Dragneel was with Gildarts when he suddenly disappeared in the year following the war with Tartaros. Retour au blog de Nalu-Natsu--Lucy. Ses fans (2 078) Aud3500 22 ans Guadeloupe (France DOM-TOM) anubis151217. com Aug 25, 2014 - Read Lucy's secret will get revealed from the story A vampire and a mage? (Natsu and Lucy fanfiction) by Hinamoriharu (Hinamori Haruhi-chan) with 3,897 reads The Daphne arc is an anime-exclusive story arc of the Fairy Tail series. Happy is saddened by Natsu's current state and tries to convince him to go back home. If you want a story in this community pm me. During this time, Zeref brought him to his friend,Igneel to be raised and taught Dec 27, 2018 - This book is a collection NaLu lemons. Sep 04, 2017 · (DISCONTINUED) Before Natsu Dragneel joined Fairy Tail, he met a girl named Christa Hōseki, who was also a dragon slayer, a crystal dragon slayer. Carla measures Happy and finds out he is 8 inches! Création : 12/01/2013 à 12:31 Mise à jour : 25/01/2013 à 09:09. Gray has spent the days after Natsu's departure drinking at Fairy Tail. Después de decirle a Lucy sobre mis senti Naruto, el Fenix y la Dragon. hope, wattys2020, forgiveness. « Arrêtes ! » Lucy prit de la neige, forma une boule et la lança sur Natsu avant que celui-ci n’ait le temps de réagir. Both Natsu and Gray cringed when she suggested they all go bathing together later. He leaves with Wendy and Gajeel to join Fairy Tail. -Natsu ! S’énerva Lucy. Lucy's POV My eyes f Gray and Natsu, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction. Most of these stories will focus on Natsu with white or silver haired girls. Although, he did not realize who he left in tears. net Even those that were members of Fairy Tail felt a little uncomfortable with his look, none more so than Gajeel who as stood next to him, and felt the spike of power that originated from the salmon haired boy. 13:58. 1. htm-gospel-light Création : 01/12/2015 à 11:12 Mise à jour : 30/08/2018 à 01:15. He is the younger brother ofZeref Dragneel, having originally died 400 years ago, being subsequently revived as his brother's most powerfulEtherious,E. net Natsu leaves on a training mission for three years to get stronger, to be the most powerful mage. NaLu week is an entire week in July celebratating Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia’s relationship from the series Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima. When he's 18 he finally achieves his dream of becoming the World Pokemon Master! His good mood is dashed when he here's of his mother's suicide. ” “NATSU! Why are you in my room again! For more information on this character, see Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel「ナツ・ドラグニル」 is a Fire Dragon Slayer, and a member of the Fairy Tail Guild. D, he is acting strange. DA: 18 PA: 35 MOZ Rank: 53 Gray and Silver reach Magnolia and head over to Fairy Tail. After Natsu founds out that he is E. Looking to watch Magnolia? Find out where Magnolia is streaming, if Magnolia is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. " And he slowly walked into the open wilderness of the humongous world awaiting him. Now neck deep in debt, Natsu poses Lucy a deal that she can't refuse. It is also a song fanfic. or something, like have Ultear, Mira, Hisui, Erza and Aquarius in it (or someone else, idc but just don't add Lucy in the mix. Dec 14, 2018 - Read Chapter 6 - Lucy's birthday from the story Lucy's Awakening by ScarletRose2844 (Ezera Hunter) with 4,527 reads. #next gen#fairy Galileo Redfox wouldn't go near them, and Luna Dreyar never left her mother's arms. S02:E68 - A Guild for One An ancient guild reveals a dark secret and leaves its surviving members without a home. Mira-"Lucy, you should take a few days off, or at least bring Natsu" Natsu… the name I didn't want to hear, when I heard Mira say his name my heart began to beat fast so fast it began to hurt. "I want to get a souvenir. She appears as a playable unit in Project X Zone 2 as the sole representative of the Soulcalibur franchise. Hola chivos y chicas quiero saber si quieren que Narito tenha un harem en mi Fanfic par ir pensando el siguiente Capitulo. Lucy Dragneel 4,942 views. and she leave the guild and lucy found out her true identity. esperas. When he returns, he finds out he has gained more than just power. Our favorite devil hunter joins Fairy Tail, and meets people as crazy as him. Silver's magic reacts to Mira's demon blood but Silver is able to control it. "You're Natsu from Fairy Tail. When he noticed she had come back, he said,” Oh Lucy, welcome back. ” Natsu flailed, arguing adamantly that a twenty minute nap wouldn’t set them back too far, and that Gajeel was being stupid and unreasonable, but Lucy didn’t hear any of that. net Summary: When he's Natsu is back in Earthland with Erza and his future child. NATSU DRAGNEEL 8,750 views. *Pensés du personnages* {geste du personnage} (mots de l'auteur donc de moi XD) Chapitre 1: Nous voici à Magnolia, un beau soleil était présent dans le ciel Fiction n°1/Chapitre 1: L'amour est le sentiment le plus fort. The characters is based of the anime "Fairy Tail" and they belong to Hiro Mashima. With wind and fire combined, Erza states that you two can take out her in one shot. lucy kicked out by natsu. He thanks Lyon for taking care of him and leaves for the guild. D from the story The Devil's Angel-NaLu- by CHarmaineH19 (A dreamer) with 5,126 › Natsu leaves to train fanfic The Dragon Behind The Boy, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction Fanfiction. Source: fairytail-   Há 1 dia Natsu dos Santos era um engenheiro mecânico da Zona Leste de São Paulo. In this story Natsu and Lucy are teleported to an Alternate Universe called Wonderland. " I mutter quietly. Happy was six. Lucy's friends, A. Natsu, all alone leaves the guild out of nowhere. All memories come back Hope you like it ^^ Song : Avril Lavigne - When you're gone. Without Happy he travels down a dark path to meet his most dangerous enemies. Alone he stands to protect and destroy. Elle se retourna et vit Natsu éclater de rire et qui tenait une boule de neige dans la main. Irene committed suicide. Il y aura aussi des photos, images, dessins de Fairy Tail. Cette réputation a été soutenue par le fait que la ville abrite la plus puissante guilde de Fiore, Fairy Tail. He finds himself unable to live in his hometown so he packs up Rain and leaves. With Natsu Dragneel Natsu was walking down a large road, way out in the outskirts of Magnolia, he was in a very dense forest. Fanfiction Fairy Tail N°1 Natsu - Duration: 13:58. She leaves the guild to get stronger and makes some unlikely friends, all while only using her spirit friends. After joining the Fairy Tail guild and partnering with a crazy pyromaniac by the name of Natsu Dragneel as well as his flying blue cat, Lucy Heartfilia begins to learn that everyone has secrets - some of which even lie within her own family - and that nothing is ever as it Natsu tells Gray about his visit to Sabertooth. 1 Leaf Gathering (4-koma) 3. Ses fans (235) Création : 25/04/2012 à 15:48 Mise à jour : 30/08/2012 à 05:09. This place sure has a lot of memories. He joins Fairy Tail requesting that his guild mark be placed in the same place as Gray's. The Celestial Twins, as they had been named, were going to spin Magnolia around, more rapidly than their parents had. Retour au blog de fiction-natsu-lucy. What are they gonna do? Read it if you are interested in this story. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Plot 3. They use to go on lots of adventures together until she supposedly "died". According to Natsu, Lucy was his former lover that he had brought back to life. Although  22 Nov 2012 Natsu sighed as he packed his bags. Natsu always liked Erza, but Erza couldn't reciprocate his feelings. As they walk over to the Guild, Natsu spots a mysterious figure atop the Guild's roof, wondering who it could be. Smart Natsu, Stronger Natsu, and more ! NatsuXHarem, with Hisui, Erza, Lucy, and Mirajane as main women. Lucy Cheats On Natsu Fanfiction Natsu And Lucy Married Naruto Leaves Team 7 Fanfic Fairy Tail Fanfiction Natsu Misses Lucy Fanfics / Fanfictions de Fairy Tail de todos os gêneros. • {I do not own Fairy Tail! All rights belong to Hiro Mashima!} The Painful Feelings >A NaLu FanFic < Part 1 Lucy POV It was a month after Lisanna had came back from the other world called Edolas, and in just one month my happy life in Fairy Tail, came to an end. Mira suggests that Natsu use the transformation magic () that she taught him while he is in Magnolia since he stands out. A Mirajane Strauss, Wendy Marvell, Charle, Pantherlily and Gajeel (yes, Gajeel CRIED!) , Erza and her best friend Levy McGarden started crying - well, besides Erza because she was currently on an S-class Happy was shocked Natsu even wanted to protect him. Except it I want to draw other FT chars from the story. Leia as melhores histórias escritas pelos fãs de Fairy Tail com Lucy Heartfilia e Natsu Dragneel com o gênero Magia com a tag Nalu sem o personagem Erza Scarlet Fanfics / Fanfictions de Fairy Tail de todos os gêneros. "You can pay your debt by being my friend. Gajeel,Natsu,etc,PM if you want to be staff English - Staff: 2 - Followers: 12 - Since: 08-24-16 - Founder: EmpressKougyoku12 297 Natsu X Mira, Urthemiel, Natsu x Mirajane Fairy Tail heart and soul This is a NaMi Community where will be all NaMi stories I can find and also Natsu x Harem when Mira is in the harem. A rumor spreads about dragon sightings Gray happens to overhear, which he relays to Natsu and Wendy, prompting them to find out the truth. So what happens upon his return? So much for my happy ending is all about Natsu and Juvia are leaving the guild because of Gray proposing to Lucy. 2 Lucy Heartfilia 2 History 2. But it will be on Russian language. Fanfiction. Sort by: Hot Natsu leaves Fairy Tail for 7 years only to come After FairyTail Disbands, Natsu leaves to train and to become stronger. After last night, I never want to sleep on the ground again. This blog is 99. Mirajane had asked them to buy the tree that was going to be in the middle of the guild. And, may be, with my friends, I’ll write fanfic. Her first appearance was in the series' sixth installment, Soulcalibur V. Will he be able to take revenge for the abuse or does destiny have a different plan for him? The Tenrou group too has returned with only two aims- To make Fairy Tail great again and find Natsu. N. 4:15. fandom. Fairy Tail Fanfiction Watching Natsu Memories An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Natsu Accidentally Kills Lucy Fanfiction An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Aug 29, 2016 · “If we don’t leave now we’ll never make it Magnolia before dark. com Apr 24, 2020 · Natsu Dragneel is a single dad. Hot Natsu leaves for a five-year-long training trip Natsu, Prince of Fire: a Fairy Tail Fanfic When the time comes for the S-Class Trials, Natsu is called on an urgent mission. Mavis Mirai Vermillion-Dragneel has always been missplaced ever since her dragon disappeared, and stumbled into the Leaf Village. Tears start behind his eyelids. ) Nov 21, 2016 · (Natsu Dragneel x Reader) Natsu and you are the strongest two man team in the guild. 1 Fairy Tail x Nanatsu no Taizai 3. its because they had dragons in   14 Aug 2018 Natsu killed Acnologia, Jackal, and Animus. Team Nastu gave the Raijinshuu the info about Kotone while they were racing. On an alternate world, Invel Yura has destroyed Magnolia with a destruction spell that went off when Natsu Dragneel was tricked into killing Lucy Heartfilia and their unborn child. 17 Oct 2016 Devastation has arrived, at the shores were the armies of Fiore working behind the guardians of Magnolia, the As night strolled by everybody began to leave except Natsu, Mira, Makarov, Happy, Wendy, Levy, Lily, Carla  27 Jan 2015 He had heard news over his leave that Fairy Tail had changed masters, at first he worried that gramps had gone and Natsu took a little over a year to come back to Magnolia, mainly because he didn't feel like he'd trained  7 Jul 2016 MAGNOLIA. Before he left Magnolia he decided to go around to one last look at the town  18 Sep 2013 But Natsu didn't notice that Lucy was shouting at him, also no one knows who started the bickering between and jewels, i got out and left, i didn't use the train, and didn't know where i am going, but far away from Magnolia. Gray leaves the guild to pack for the job. Then one day, a young wizard named Lucy Hearfilia accidentally sets him free. He then invited her to the fest that was being held in Magnolia. He rushes home to his sister. Natsu replies that that was the reason why there are Dragon Slayers. They quickly get caught … Oct 23, 2017 - Read Please read my new book! from the story Forced to marry a vampire( a nalu fanfiction) [COMPLETED] (currently editing) by lu-chan101 (love_lu) with 10,722 Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Happy, Carla, Fried, Bixlow, Evergreen, and Laxus raced to the guild. K. Silver gets his belongings from Lyon's house and they say their goodbyes. Retour au blog de Nalu-natsu-lucy. They quickly find out that, much like in Edolas, they have counterparts in this world. "Let's get serious Arahabaki!!" — Natsu Natsu (凪津 or ナツ) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. Another Reason “With the war against Alvarez over, the day Lucy is to leave on her journey to find Aquarius' key has  Laxus knew that Natsu and Gajeel were incredibly powerful, or maybe he knew that the Dragon Slayer magic is very 400 years before hand, but this isn't the reason natsu and gajeel were not able to leave. Prologue : Le jour se couchait lentement sur Magnolia. They don't tell anyone of their change of status wanting to keep it to themselves for the moment. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Retour au blog de x-Natsu-Lucy-Love-x. He lost his wife at the birth of his only son, Happy Dragneel. NaLu (ナツルー Natsurū) is a semi-canon pair between Fairy Tail Mages, Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia. and with the threat of the Alvarez empire leaning over them, they need him. Lucy Hearthphilia torna a casa dopo aver passato la sua formazione in una delle università di cucina più rinomate di Fiore ed è finalmente pronta a prendere in mano le redini del ristorante di famiglia, lo StarKey, ma a casa l'attende una brutta sorpresa, infatti scopre che deve pagare un grosso debito in denaro lasciatole dal padre altrimenti perdera il Natsu Snaps Fanfiction. Natsu Snaps Fanfiction 7krq3wc2tsea tmf9ghs9qgbdmum fr4pbu34pskn0v h8b8bezsthwk3o 5lqidt2yec 7revh9lzwf 8r4nrv2de8d 9zcux2gmha qxo0cf8b36 I greatly enjoy the fact that Natsu is shorter than literally every other guy in the series 21 days ago When Erza busts out her Respect Women Sword then it's all over for you hoes. 2 Christmas Special 4 Abilities/Equipment 4. …Use Ashwagandha leaves for weight loss ; Ashwagandha is a great way to accelerate the process of weight loss, but there remember that only the leaves of the plant… Tip slimming # 86 – Add the curry leaves or Kadi Patta their meals Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara (Japanese); Todd Haberkorn (English) Natsu Dragneel (ナツ・ドラグニル, Natsu Doraguniru) is the main protagonist of the series. He is raised from a young age by the dragon Igneel to become a Dragon Slayer (滅竜魔導士, ドラゴンスレイヤー, Doragon Sureiyā), a wizard with dragon-like physiology whose powers are designed to combat dragons. Tras ciertos eventos lamentables Naruto termina en Magnolia luego de que una persona le dio un regalo Naruto en este mundo trata de convertirse en leyenda y proteger a las personas que considera familia Naruto es 2 años menor que Natsu (Naruto al comienzo tendra 7 años y Natsu 9) No harem Es difícil describir cuando no quiero hacer spoilers así que si les interesa léanla Es mi primea I greatly enjoy the fact that Natsu is shorter than literally every other guy in the series 21 days ago When Erza busts out her Respect Women Sword then it's all over for you hoes. After Lisanna's return, Lucy is kicked off Team Natsu by Natsu himself. Jul 30, 2013 · Lisanna got Natsu a keychain of a blue cat's head (Happy thought it was weird). 1/28/2019 c6 1 Noble Neko yeah, rewriting sounds like a good plan. She can go alone or with others and only five Lucy pairings are allowed NaLu, RoLu, StingCy, LaLu, or ZerCy. He wants to keep it a secret but he already knows that they are gonna find out. I have always Natsu Is Older Fanfiction Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Les dragons slayers partent alors en direction de ce monde accompagner par Kazuki une fille capable de voyager dans les autres dimensions. He makes new friends, they learn some secrets, and will do anything they can to protect their world from any that dares to harm it. Little do they know that it is a set up by an accomplice of Gray, who tricks them into gaining their powers, setting Fairy Tail Fanfic:Lucy's Revenge Fanfiction This fanfic all about lisanna came from edolas,everyone started to ignore lucy Except from master,Mira,Wendy,charle,happy,gray,levy,gajeel. You'll hear some people refer to as an ' Overwatch clone,' and that's understandable. fairytail, nalu, lucy. Gildarts finally finds Lucy only to find out she hasn't seen him either. Hay harén, AU,… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad Fanfic de [FT] Natsu et Lucy NatsuxXxLucy. See full list on fairytail. https://www. Natsu then leaves and Gildarts tells Happy to support him, saying that a human can't beat a Dragon, but maybe a Dragon can. M. What lies in her soul isConfidence. What's the worse that can happen? Anyway, in this story, Natsu leaves the guild when he has had it with their insults at him and their abuse. net For some reasons I love these stories, ya'know when Lucy's kicked out or leaves, trains, becomes a Sabertooth mage or just comes back to Fairy Tail or maybe even becomes a rouge mage. Ses sources (89) 5 Dec 2018 What would have happened if Natsu actually left on a training mission before the GMG? What would Our tale begins in the town of Magnolia, the town that once housed the greatest amongst all guilds Fairy Tail. Erza had a massive basket filled with bath soaps, fizz balls, oils, and sponges. But when there is a clash between them what will happen? opnatsu fairytail natsu natsudragneel strongnatsu nalu smartnatsu gray end fanfiction. Gray tries to comfort him. Not sure where the anime  Welcome to my fanfiction blog! Some of you may know me from Fanfiction. Gray Fullbuster interrogates Invel Yura on where he got the spell until the interrogation is crashed by a saddened Natsu Dragneel, who avenges Lucy and those who were killed by killing Invel Yura. I love the thought of natsu & all his kids having matching hair clips to wear when their fringes are getting in the way. (Etherious Natsu Dragneel). " Emi says, with a sweet smile on her face. Leia as melhores histórias escritas pelos fãs de Fairy Tail com Lucy Heartfilia e Nikora "Plue" com a tag Natsu Dragneel sem a tag Naer Summary: Lucy hears some interesting rumors regarding her and the school's most popular guy Natsu Dragneel and wants to find out what it's all about so she decides to sneak into bitch queen Desiree Thompson's winter banquet even though she could have just as easily asked him about it on social media but for some reason she wanted to do it this way instead. (cut it down to 5 at least. Contents[show] Appearance Personality Background(Naruto Series) Multiverse Tournament Powers and Abilities Trivia Mar 2, 2019 - Fairy Tail 542 - Read Fairy Tail 542 online at Manga Home for free! Vous n'avez pas de compte? Créer un compte Créer un wiki Feb 26, 2017 - Love #romantic #love #fairytail #natsu #lucy Vous n'avez pas de compte? Créer un compte Créer un wiki Dec 28, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Natsu Dragneel. He was shocked when he got kicked out of the team, but he took this opportunity to travel and train around the world. 12 Aug 2016 A collection of one-shots where Natsu and Lucy live out these vows even though they aren't married… yet. He becomes Chaos, the prince of Apocalypse, and has to deal with the world and Women. He isn't the Natsu Fairy Tail knows. He heads for Postwick in the Galar Region. In a world that knows nothing of magic, there's a hidden society of people with incredible abilities. Silver tells Lyon that he is welcome to visit whenever he wants and that he will put in a good word in for him with Juvia. The master overhears the conversation, and sends you and Natsu out on a long quest to train for a big battle with Erza. 1 Macao Sep 10, 2018 - Read Who Are You? from the story She's My Princess {Nalu Fanfic} by Trin_Trashbin21 (Trin 💦💦) with 6,348 reads. He appears in Fairy Tail x Nanatsu no Taizai crossover. Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara (Japanese); Todd Haberkorn (English) Natsu Dragneel (ナツ・ドラグニル, Natsu Doraguniru) is the main protagonist of the series. The arc happens between the Oración Seis arc and the Edolas arc. May 26, 2020 · Natsu and Happy wanted to buy the biggest tree they would find. I nod. Un peu plus loin, au Création : 28/08/2013 à 10:46 Mise à jour : 26/10/2019 à 02:30. If you are uncomfortable with sexua Natsu unleashes a newfound power and the team can now attack Nirvana with a unified strike. This can be range from one pair to a harem. com/post/116993… >A NaLu FanFIc < Part 5 Lucy POV When I arrived at the guild this morning I went straight for the request bored took a job and told Mira im leaving. Ses fans (1 878) Natsu x Lucy et autres. Ses sources (2 095) Mar 19, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Nicci Kingdon. Tumblr: leons-7. tumblr. Natsu informs him that he and Happy will be leaving for his training trip in Aug 25, 2013 · NaLu fanfiction. The guild fell silent, shocked at the 'sweet' Lucy's foul words. "Yes, that is the case. As panic and confusion set in and they had raced into town to find  8 Jun 2014 And so they left the guild hall, leaving Happy staring unhappily at Natsu and Gray , who were still in the midst of a heated argument. Gray goes off in search of Natsu and finds him at the site of the home they plan to build. Natsu enjoys his time with Lisanna, Mira, Yukino and other white haired beauties along with a few other girls. sos-handicap 31 ans France. net/s/13202382/3/Natsu-Acnologia-s-son . Note: If you are looking for the parallel, Edolas couple, see Edo NaLu but if you want to see the cross-time dimension couple, see NafLu. Dec 29, 2017 · Nalu fanfic is now here 26,315 views. They leave to meet up with Silver who wants to talk to Natsu. 10 Years later, Lucy ge Jul 3, 2019 - Se celebraba un importante día no solo en Magnolia, sino en el gremio más fuerte, que fue lo que ocurrió?? We are joined by Allen The Anime Douchebag for the first time since he lived with Natsu! Lucy also manages to make it on 2 hours after she gets home from Colossal Con. Natsu tries to leave again saying that he will ask the Dragon about Igneel's whereabouts, but Gildarts stops him again and shows the injuries that he got from the Dragon, saying that humans can't beat the Dragon. and yes, there is too many girls in the harem. this platform is over runed by nalu fanfics that its disgusting. "Sounds good to me! Since Magnolia is so great, why not share 19 Legend of the Fire Demon » by sugarsugarrush Natsu Dragneel is a dangerous demon that was sealed away in the Book of END. Natsu has to miss the Trials. Magnolia! It's a really beautiful town. When Erza and Jellal finally gets together after they finish the 100-Year Quest, Natsu has long since moved on and finds love in the form of a white-haired barmaid. He then started to leave, and no one, not a simple person, seemed too noticed. When everyone had finished eating, Lucy looked back up to Natsu before speaking. Romeo was with Natsu the whole tim Apr 18, 2016 · She slapped Natsu and stormed up to the master's office. 25 Stories. net as YukiMC ~ I've decided to crossover into a new Tumblr acc. Happy is his son even past the day he dies. Natsu and Happy venture through the snowy roads of Magnolia, heading back to the Fairy Tail Guild after completing their job set by Hawk. He wanted some time to think and train outside from the city and guild. Team Natsu was once again back from another successful and at the same time unsuccessful mission. I invented my own story and drew some illustrations for it. Lucy somehow knew Natsu's shoe size and got him a new pair of sandals. . He leaves his bag and Happy behind, with no trace of him to be found. Jul 15, 2020 - Un libro de historias sobre Natsu con diversas chicas. May 13, 2019 - One night after a one night stand with Natsu, Lucy finds herself pregnant with his children. « Tu verrais la tête que tu fais, rit-il. World of warships download pc. He knew that Gray wasn't gay, bisexual, or even just a bit curious. 19 Stories. This will be for any NaMi, NaLi, NaYu (Natsu x Yukino), Natsu x Sorano (Angel) and a few other girls. Lucy changed by the fact that Natsu kept leaving her behind. Natsu Dragneel/Erza Scarlet; Pin on Natsu and Lucy ️; Fairy Tail [Archive of Our Own] Lucy has a harem but no normal harem. In Soulcalibur V's promotional material, she is 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Natsu Dragneel is aMageof theFairy Tail Guild,wherein he is a member ofTeam Natsu. Wonderland is a Fairy Tail fanfic by stellahr. Years have past and he finds her in Magnolia with a exceed named Freya In this community, any fanfiction involving Juvia and another Fairy Tail character is okay. Lucy leaves Magnolia due to the painful memor smartnatsu fairytail natsu natsudragneel opnatsu darknatsu lucy erza fanfiction. Ele chegou do trabalho suado e cansado, querendo um banho, mas a sua mulher tinha outros planos…. "Can't you do something about this?" the tiny blue cat asked Erza, nervously hovering in the  15 Dec 2013 Natsu:"I guess it is time to leave Magnolia. Natsu grins, and wraps his arm around (Y/n)'s neck. 2 Lucy's History 3 Relationship 4 Synopsis 4. D. Natsu and Gray make their way downstairs to the main guild hall. "Dante's shop is trashed (again), but now it's time to move on. » Natsu lui lança une autre boule de neige. Natsu is the only one of the Acts of Order that is different species from the rest being a Demon. Lucy also got a chance to pimp out the podcast in a interview at the con as well. 20 Jan 2015 What Natsu did not expect when he reached the top of the hill that overlooked Magnolia, however, was the town in even worse shape than he had left it in. Sort by: Hot. By the third day Silver becomes Oct 24, 2019 · by riverofmemories. From July 1st-7th, participants can create fanart, fanfics, fanvids, graphics, or whatever they like of the pairing to show off their love for them. " Shimi says. 1 Abilities Natsu is a Fairy Tail Fanfiction Lucy Quits Team Natsu Hi and welcome to my profile my writer name is Honeywriter78. The truth is that Happy is so much more than the light of Natsu’s world. She teaches him visitor's tags: naruto leaves fairy tail fanfiction natsu betrayed | naruto leaves fairy tail fanfiction natsu left | naruto leaves fairy tail fanfiction natsu hurt | naruto leaves fairy tail fanfiction natsu x | naruto leaves fairy tail fanfiction natsu is a dragon | naruto leaves fairy tail fanfiction natsu and erza | naruto leaves fairy tail fanfiction natsu strong | naruto leaves fairy Natsu is Acnologia's bilogical son. Mais un terrible danger plane sur eux. 3. Lucy is the commander of Magnolia’s sea police. Ils ont été aspirés par un anima et n'ont aucun moyen de revenir. When he refuses they try to determine where to find Zeref and decide to go to Tenrou Island as that is the first place they encountered him. Natsu wishes it didn’t have to happen so soon. Hace… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad Les dragons de Natsu,Gajeel et Wendy sont prisonniers dans un autre monde appelé: Urano. May 6, 2016 - Read Natsu's Anger and Badass side, E. Apr 10, 2018 · WE THE HIDDEN LEAF WE THE NINJA WE THE LIT - Duration: 31:15. Natsu is chronically the oldest of the Acts of Order being born 400 years ago (Viva Time-Travel). 1 About Natsu and Lucy 1. Natsu is able to transform into Mira successfully. Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet both end up with a huge surprise on the day that Natsu comes back. It is a Fusion Fic between Fairy Tail and the Devil May Cry. After many years his stay at Fairy Tail finally came to an end. 1 Natsu's History 2. Please enjoy ! CHAPTER 8 is up! Full text of "Natsu's Misadventures in Magnolia university" See other formats Natsu's Misadventures in Magnolia university by dragvill996 Category: Fairy Tail Genre: Humor, Romance Language: English Status: In-Progress Published: 2016-04-20 14:59:31 Updated: 2016-04-20 14:59:31 Packaged: 2016-04-27 14:33:32 Rating: M Chapters : 1 Words : 3,020 Publisher: www. Disclaimer : Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima. Shimi nudges me gently. Five years later, when he moves back to his hometown for his job, he meets a girl named Juvia. Battle of the Guilds Chapter 13, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction. Lucy and Erza walked slowy and let Natsu and Gray leave them behind as they walked towards the guild. Natsu unleashes a newfound power and the team can now attack Nirvana with a unified strike. Natsu tried to explain only to be ignored by his "family", including his loved one, Lucy. 99% Natsu: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. ” “NATSU! Why are you in my room again! Magnolia (マグノリア タウン, Magunoria Taun), est une ville de taille moyenne située à l'est de Fiore. Natsu Dragneel disappears again for a whole year and leaves not only Lucy Heartfilia but also his best friend, Happy. 1 Natsu Dragneel 1. Contents[show] Appearance Personality Background(Naruto Series ) Multiverse Tournament Powers and Abilities Trivia World of warships download pc. Lucy was looking for the perfect tree to make memories with her friends. Hi everyone! (he doesn't die)In this video, Natsu dies. 2:18 (NaLu) Waiting For Your Return fairy tail natsu BETRAYED its a new series - Duration: 4:15. Retour au blog de Myraly-Natsu. Still, even though she is different she had joined the Ninja Academy, not being able to perform Ninjustu or genjustu. Envoyer un message; Offrir un cadeau; Suivre; Bloquer 21-sep-2019 - Read Epilogo from the story ¡Maldita sea Lucy sale de mi mente! by frewp-pau with 9,238 reads. “ Dad, look! “ Tears find their way onto Natsu’s cheeks. Natsu had made his peace with this a long time ago. This takes place before Tenrou Island. If I recall, Mirajane also came close after August left a gaping hole in her heart, but Brandish was nice enough to close it. fanfiction Nalu Lucy Heartfilia, principessa Magnolia e Natsu Dragneel , principe di Fiore , sono due adolescenti molto giovani , i cui genitori ,attuali sovrani dei rispettivi regni combinano un matrimonio fra i due . As Lucy opened the door of her house, she saw Natsu sitting down on the sofa reading her novel. They leave and Lucy and Gray realise that they made Juvia and Natsu leave. So he decides to leave Magnolia and never come back. They practically kicked the doors down when they arrived. Make it with Mo Fairy May Cry is a fanfic by Iron117Prime. that she is the drago An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works >A NaLu FanFIc < Part 9 Natsu POV We were going back to Magnolia, back to the guild, In the village hidden in the leaves, the hokage sent team Yamato on Aug 05, 2012 · Lucy had seen Natsu once again after being away on a mission with Erza that took two whole months to complete. So of course, when she finally lands a job, she spills hot coffee all over Natsu Dragneel, an accounting major. Natsu Accidentally Kills Lucy Fanfiction Fairy Tail Fanfiction Watching Natsu Memories Fairy Tail Fanfiction Natsu Misses Lucy When he's 18 he finally achieves his dream of becoming the World Pokemon Master! His good mood is dashed when he here's of his mother's suicide. It was a Friday evening and Natsu and Lucy had just completed another job the day before. Leia as melhores histórias escritas pelos fãs de Fairy Tail com Sayla e classificação Dezoito com a tag Natsu Dragneel Fanfics / Fanfictions de Fairy Tail de todos os gêneros. A little about myself:-I first discovered fan fiction in 2015 and began to write in April of that year. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest 03-jul-2020 - El Día transcurría de Manera normal en la ciudad de Magnolia. net Natsu prepared to get back up, as he didn't feel like being at the guild hall anymore. La guilde principale de cette ville est Fairy Tail. Sure, it wasn't really a date since they'd be going with the other Fairy Tail members, and he had probably invited her as his teammate, but Lucy couldn't help but think May 07, 2015 · Natsu is the capitan of pirates’ command “Fairy Tail”. net Gray would leave Natsu behind, years of friendship lost simply because Natsu was stupid enough to believe that even for a second, Gray might feel the same way. Ses fans (498) Création : 28/08/2013 à 13:46 Mise à jour : 26/10/2019 à 05:30. showcasing all my fics . fanfiction. A fight for his love, will he pick just one or will the girls decide to put aside their feelings and share because they don't want to lost him. A YURI harem what will she; Fairy tail fanfiction op natsu; Fairy tail anime, Fairy tail art, Fairy tail; Next Generation Wikia Fairy Tail; Fanfiction natsu leaves 2020; Natsu knows dragon language fanfiction; Archive of Aug 22, 2013 · NaLu fanfiction. I've become quite fond of you all. Natsu's English VA is Todd Haberkorn, who also voices the Animal Path from Naruto, Moe Shishigawara from Bleach, and Kohza, Siam, and Nero from One Piece. It's a hero-based shooter, with the same somewhat-cartoony aesthetic and even som. Fanfiction su Natsu, Natsu/Lucy. It has already been  Fanfiction. natsu leaves magnolia fanfiction

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